Hey KTM members! Please join us as KTM Co-Founder @Al Harris has a chat with Cynthia Murphy on our KTM Spotlight!

Cynthia Cherise Murphy is an Author and Activist advocating to raise further #craniofacial awareness by promoting equality and diversity – Our faces do NOT define us! ♡

No one “kind of” has #TreacherCollins — just as no one “kind of” gets bullied, “kind of” gets discriminated against, or “kind of” suffers from insecurities and depression as a result of all those. No one is “kind of” an outcast.

Cynthia is a graduate student and craniofacial awareness advocate born with Treacher Collins. She currently works as a health and wellness activist with her husband Thane Murphy through their FREE vegan charity app Assuaged.

The Murphys are passionately seeking to bridge the gap between healthcare and self-care to meet the needs of healthy living as a method for longevity. They are going beyond charity and unifying people through love and compassion.

Join the http://www.assuaged.com movement to help overcome medical illness – going beyond craniofacial disabilities.

Cynthia’s mission is to support, educate, inspire and advocate for those suffering from craniofacial differences.

“I am focusing on a wide-range of areas such as; anti-harassment and anti-bullying prevention policies, removing the negative stigma attached to craniofacial disorders and promoting further awareness and equality. I hope that at the very least that I can offer a message of hope or a stimulus to a new endeavor. I hope to create a strong foundation built around shared experiences.” – Cynthia Cherise Murphy

Kiss the Monkeys & Kiss The Mermaids are absolutely delighted to share Cynthia’s inspirational story with our lovely members. They have shared their story with mainstream outlets like Yahoo, #VoyageLA & Born Different and we are tremendously honored that they took some time out to spread their light with KTM.

We thank her and Thane for the delicious & healthy meal they prepared for us and can’t wait to work even more closely with them in the future! We are all so grateful to be a part of their journey and can’t wait to see where it leads them.

Photography, videography, editing and lighting by Dumisani Maraire Jr. for SuperVlogs.com and Kiss the Monkeys Interactive.